• Some Portraits JFTC

    Here are some new portraits I whipped up in a couple of days. It's a ton of work drawing but it's just so relaxing to do. I tend to switch from coding and designing to drawing a couple times a month. But mostly I put the drawing on the backburner for the polishing stage.

    Sep 5th, 2018



    We've completed the first scene which is where you begin your adventures. You've been summoned by the king to help with a plague that has spread accross the realm. 

    You're goal is to speak with the king and partner up with any willing companions.

    Jul 18th, 2018



    • Closed Rooms JFTC

    In Journey for the Crown there are plenty of rooms and areas to discover. We've design a couple ways of doing this. First we have quests, view able progression via a UI in game and then we have Adventures. This is our hidden database which allows your progress to be noted.

    Jul 9th, 2018



    • Character Creation Scene JFTC

    In the below video you can see the work that has been done for the character creation page. Plenty of final touches on the burner but this shows what to expect.

    Jul 5th, 2018



    • Combat Design for Journey for the Crown

    In this video I discuss the ideas of how I went ahead with designing the combat system. It was a really long process to create but I believe the gameplay is going to be a lot of fun.

    Feb 11th, 2018



    • Footstep Sound Effect Unity 3D C#

    Here is a quick tutorial on how I added the footstep sound effect script to my dragon! You can apply this to your projects, but be sure to sub and like to see more videos. I often will throw a free script/tutorial along with my videos.

    Feb 11th, 2018



    Another update for Journey for the Crown. A simple script for our day/night cycle. See below for the script. 

    Feb 8th, 2018



    • RPG Formation Setup for Journey for the Crown

    Another update for Journey for the Crown.  In this video I discuss the new formations design for easy party formations while moving around. This is a big step in our movement script and was one of the last updates needed to finalize our movement script. 

    Feb 8th, 2018



    Just finished making a short video on how I was able to make cloaks for characters in Journey for the Crown. I'm very happy with the outcome especially since it will be saving me a pile of time when creating more characters to add to your adventures.

    Oct 9th, 2017



    • Dragon Game Design - Blender

    To the design board today. Making a dragon which took about 6 hours to design, rig and paint. I'm going to rig this design up properly with Inverse Kinematics to make it easy to animate.

    Sep 26th, 2017