Game Play Design

  • Game Play Design

I have been hard at work trying to build the gameplay and controls for this game. The idea from day one was to implement a non turn based game using a point system. Points are earned and abilities cost point. It's like a cap on how many you can have. I believe it will make things very interesting having this additional layer of gameplayer added. Each ability has it's own of set delay which modifiable but many things such as upgrades,items and talents! Abilities will run through this delay cycle instead of constantly having to pause your game and choosing your ability. I'm not crazy over pausing games so that is the route I have been sticking too; find a fun design that works for managing multiple players in a single player game. With a touch of automation, it will be very fun to control your team this way and plan each fight with the right abilities and positioning. 

The action bar is designed to allow you to drag and drop abilities that you earn and aquire throughout the game on to a slot. You can use 10 slots per player you have. I've created stances to allow you to toggle between different abilities turned on and also included weapon swapping and item using buttons on this bar. This should be handy when you need to change your character for a particular fight or task. Each player has it's own bar that hovers over them. Along with the action bar is the portraits. Buffs, Debuffs, Pets,and Vitals are displayed real time.I'm currently working on the portraits for some of the characters. It's a long haul but I'll post some of those shortly.