Abilities Update

  • Abilities Update

One of the most anticipated sections I've been looking forward to working on was the abilities and actions. The list is long so this will be one of many updates. Even after implementing the first one you really start to see a game coming together. I must admit it's probably one of the most difficult parts so far I've encountered. Having to work with physics and the creation of particles and explosions takes a lot of time getting it perfect. Also, the amount of code for all of the different types of abilities was starting to get overwhelming to look at so I've refactored my code several times now.

So far I've created abilities such as: projectiles, melee attacks, shield attacks, stat buffs, pets(this one is really cool!), mana drains, damage shields, extra damage, health & mana syphons, poisons, disease, stat debuffs, dots, damage warding, healing, heals over time, mana heals, cure poison, cure disease, remove buffs and cure debuffs and more to come. All of these abilities are equipped to be AE or single target where available and also some can be mixed together with talents and or upgrades. For example a fireball that burns over time or a heal that cures poison! Some are duration buffs while others are action abilities. I've successfully ported the ability system to work for enemies so they also can have this arsenal of AI I will be putting to life in the game.