Cloth Set, New Helmets and Character Fixes

  • Cloth Set, New Helmets and Character Fixes - The Green Wizard

Tonight I've been working on textures and drawing for some cloth armor. While working on this I noticed several animations and uv mapping issues. I made some of these quite a while ago so they needed to be fixed up, which put the brakes on getting a couple sets done. Working with character design can be a pain when you need to fix issues like these. Many objects are saved and to edit you need to redo them for the game engine to pull the updated information. Along with that comes the hard part which is remembering how I built them. I've been getting into the habit of wrtting instructions for myself. It's very easy to fall into this trap of not detailing how things are built. 

While I was fixing up to be imported again I figured I would throw in a couple of other helmet meshes I forgot to add a while ago. I haven't made any cloth head pieces so that was something that would have required another revisit.