Inventory Update

  • Inventory Update

I love this stage, the polish. Well just a bit of a polish and some cool updates to the inventory system. If you read one of my older posts from about a year ago the inventory looked a bit ummm terrible. So I'm proud to show off this version instead! Icons to come at some point, but important things first :)

A big change I wanted but I've put on hold for a long time was a rotating character profile. The 3d one you seen in this image, it can now be draged with your mouse to turn in any direction. I've also applied some lighting and placed an illusionary background behind your model. The model you're looking at in this picture is actually taken right from the game and using layers and depth, without lighting it would be black as I swap the character into a different layer along with lighting. The entire world he resides in is ignored so lighting must accompany him along with the 2d background.  This is a nifty trick in order to show just the model and leaving everything else behind on the camera. 

Other new changes are font changes, new skills and attire options which will be acquired throughout the game and a new speed mechanic. Speed mechanic was introduced for weapons and shields. In this image you can see using a shield you'll be penalized by -50% speed(in red). A trade off for the added bonus of blocking. Shields are heavy and blocking is exhausting so I think it would have a huge impact on your speed. Now with that being said, note each section has its own speed. Melee is separate from magic and ranged. The general speed is for magic and other abilities. Last thing all can be tweaked with items and abilities. So that should make builds and combinations of items quite fun to play around with. I will be looking into tweak the delay as things moved along so much could be changed.