Wiki Page

As the game continues to grow so does the data. The biggest problem lately for me has been trying to manage large amounts of data from quests, items and enemies and keep it bug free.

I’ve tried several different ways to keep my data organized by using various mind maps tools, excel data sheets and notes but the problem still remains that neither of these truly keep me feeling organized and I spent a lot of time opening and closing various things. Perhaps this is just a problem I’ll never escape but I still had one last option and that was to use a wiki page.

The data in a wiki page is so nicely displayed and easily customized to cater to my needs. I’m really liking it and I’ve spend a good chunk of time building exporting functions and tools that populate pages for me to import on the wiki without much thinking. This does eliminate all that data entry I’ve been doing on all my previous attempts to stay organized. 

There is even more to it then just keeping data fluid and organized, but it’s displayed for users to research enemies, items, quests and so much more while also driving googles a bit with random keywords and data stored in the game.

I truly hope it becomes a useful tool for users, but I do see one downfall, it could potentially spoil some stuff. But with everything I need to evaluate what is best for the direction ahead and this is helping me a ton. I hope you like it!

When you’re bored have a look at the constantly evolving wiki page I’ve done. You can explore abilities, talents, items, quests and much more on our wiki page. I hope you like it!