Creating a Cloth Cloak in Unity 3D

Just finished making a short video on how I was able to make cloaks for characters in Journey for the Crown. I'm very happy with the outcome especially since it will be saving me a pile of time when creating more characters to add to your adventures. I hope you enjoy this video and please be sure to subscribe and like on Facebook. I'm starting work more on marketing the game now by providing some helpful tutorials and other news with YouTube.

Cloth Set, New Helmets and Character Fixes

Tonight I've been working on textures and drawing for some cloth armor. While working on this I noticed several animations and uv mapping issues. I made some of these quite a while ago so they needed to be fixed up, which put the brakes on getting a couple sets done. Working with character design can be a pain when you need to fix issues like these. Many objects are saved and to edit you need to redo them for the game engine to pull the updated information. Along with that comes the hard part which is remembering how I built them.

Armor Set - The Barbarian

I wanted to get another set of armor done while watching the leafs battle the caps tonight. Here is a my barbarian set. It looks pretty decent when in game. In Journey for the Crown the view in game has quite a bit of distance to it allowing me to spend a little less time on detail. I've been taking advantange of using transparencies on my textures giving the appearance of straps and belts while using a full mesh. It's a neat trick which allows me to bypass making a mesh for every texture and armor piece. 

First Armor Set

Today, I spent some time working on a new set of armor that I am hoping to use as some evil guard complete look. I am quite happy with it and it only took a few hours to finish. I found taking this approach to be much more smooth and quick then what I was doing before which was not making sets but working on individual pieces. I can still mix and match other items but I found this just completes a full set of armor quicker and the finished look better.

Abilities Update

One of the most anticipated sections I've been looking forward to working on was the abilities and actions. The list is long so this will be one of many updates. Even after implementing the first one you really start to see a game coming together. I must admit it's probably one of the most difficult parts so far I've encountered. Having to work with physics and the creation of particles and explosions takes a lot of time getting it perfect.

Game Play Design

I have been hard at work trying to build the gameplay and controls for this game. The idea from day one was to implement a non turn based game using a point system. Points are earned and abilities cost point. It's like a cap on how many you can have. I believe it will make things very interesting having this additional layer of gameplayer added. Each ability has it's own of set delay which modifiable but many things such as upgrades,items and talents! Abilities will run through this delay cycle instead of constantly having to pause your game and choosing your ability.

Inventory & Stats

Today I have designed a first look at the inventory system. A simplistic version for now that I'll probably upgrade at some point. This inventory consists of drag and drop and clickable icons. Items drop on the ground when discarded, can be placed on character and moved around. Double clicking items provides an even quicker function when available. 

Along with this inventory comes the character stats. Each stat pipes into more calculation that pulls various other important viltals such as defense, offences and more. My next step is working on the portrait and action bar.

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